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How to Need Less Teeth Scraping

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Next to the sound of the drill, the scraping of tartar off teeth sounds like fingernails on a blackboard (for those of you who remember).  What if the tartar was so soft that it would almost fall off?  You can do-it-yourself at home for just a few minutes a day.  Stop bleeding  gums in a day.  Over a few months of time, harden the bone the most it ever has been to hold on to your teeth.  Watch these videos to discover how it works.


How Perio Protect Saves You From Gum Surgery:






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Lifetime Dental Care is merging into All Family Dental

Lifetime Dental Care is merging into All Family Dental

Dear Valued Patients and Friends,
Lifetime Dental is merging into All Family Dental at the new dental office located at 3203 Stein Boulevard (located behind the existing dental clinic). The state- of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest dental technology and safety precautions to provide the quality dental care you have come to expect and deserve.

The care team is looking forward to welcoming you to the new building and ensure you will continue to experience the best in complete dental care.

After June, all future appointments will take place at All Family Dental. Your previous dental records (including x-rays) have been transferred, making it easy for continued care. All Family Dental is pleased to accept MOST dental insurance providers and is happy to help you maximize your benefits.

To learn more about All Family Dental, please Click This Link

Thank you for your continued loyalty, trust, and support. If you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment before June, please call the Lifetime office at (715) 552-1000.
Lifetime Dental


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*With Insurance: Cleaning, exam and all x-rays are covered.

*No Insurance: With a paid Cleaning ($88), a complete exam, cavity detection x-rays, and panoramic x-ray are all included.

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