Sleep Apnea

When coffee is required you have a sleep problem.

Have you awakened in the morning thinking, “Did someone leave the windows open all night to let the fog come?”  Then you bump into something and it becomes obvious the fog is in your brain.  I slept the whole night or did I?  If you don’t snooze you lose!

Woman in who appears to be in pain

My bedpartner is still sleeping because they claim, and of course I will be in denial, that I snore like a freight train.  Also, I rented once near a rail line, but only heard the train for the first few nights.

Snoring can exceed O.S.H.A. noise safety guidelines 60 decibles

When I was young, my dad could fall asleep, anywhere and anytime.  The house would shake with the snoring.  Then he would stop, because he would stop breathing entirely.  One night I was awakened by what I thought was a bear in the house (we lived in the country). No, just my dad snoring in the next room.  Fifty years later, that snoring raised his blood pressure, even though he was on pills for it, so high, that he had a stroke while sleeping.  You probably heard about people dying in their sleep.  Yes it is because of strokes or heart attacks also caused by snoring/sleep apnea.  My dad survived with physical paralysis, reversed with physical therapy and rehabilitation, but had lost some thinking abilities.

Obviously, Snoring is Sign something is Wrong

You can live 5 to 15 years longer when you have good quality sleep.  What matters is good sleep, not lots of sleep.  How can you tell? Do you feel refreshed and ready to go in the morning after the night is over?  There are two simple screening ways to tell if your snoring is likely giving you sleep apnea.

The usual way to find out if you have sleep apnea is to spend the night at a sleep lab.  They will attach about 36 monitors to your head and body, put you in a strange bed and room, then tell you to go to sleep.  Hmmm. Sounds like a good time.  In the morning they wake you up, to go over the test results and send you home to you can get some more rest.

If you have moderate to severe sleep apnea, that can be fixed by attaching a vacuum cleaning in reverse attached to your face.  That was actually the first one invented.  This is called a C-PAP.  It is not sexy either, but stops the snoring.

After 2 years, 50% have stopped using it.

Why people stop using the CPAP

“THE DENTIST HERO”  has a way to stop the snoring/sleep apnea which is inside the mouth and much easier to use, easily accepted, more portable (hunting camp), and 80% as effective as the C-PAP.  It will even help snorers with mild sleep apnea for which a C-PAP is not used.

Wait a minute, I can get these at the drug store or on line.

OK. Try one first. Here are some things to check to make sure it is clearly working.

  1. If it is on the pillow next to you when you wake up…it’s not working.
  2. If it is gagging you, how can it be working?
  3. If it is digging into your gums, that pain will not help you sleep.
  4. If your tongue feels crowded, it must go back into your throat to block more breathing space…really?
  5. If you use a take home sleep test, it can prove it is working.  We can get that for you.


Ok!  Ok! Ok!

How is the dentist-made one better?

If you think that the snoring device made by the dentist would cost more, then you would be correct.  So you have no doubt about it, before you invest in one, there is an unbiased computer technology to see if you are in the small minority with whom the dental sleep apnea device does not work.  YES, it is free.  We find this out before you commit.

There are nearly a 100 device types.

A dentist, with years of training will choose and custom fit one unique to your teeth, gums, and tongue:

  • Allows you to move you jaw around
  • Protects the teeth from grinding
  • Gives your tongue room in its home
  • Does not create a TMJ problem
  • Doesn’t dig into the gums
  • Helps you breathe through your nose
  • Use a Medicare approved one, if needed
  • Help determine your insurance coverage
  • Awake with a miracle of more energy

Snoring is a Slowly Suffocating to Death Disease






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