Are Your Mornings the Start of It All?

Mornings begin your day with “High Fives” not a headache.  Would it give you concern to have trouble starting your car, then driving off with it sputtering and jerking?  You just finished sleeping, what is with this headache?  O.K. pop an Advil or ibuprofen and off to work you go.

Another day of craziness, deadlines and stress.  A stiff neck starts that pain up the neck to behind your eyes.  Is happy hour the cure?  What is the cause?  Is it a migraine or muscle tension?  All you know for sure is that it hurts.

Migraine  Test

How you are creating your own headache 25 times an hour.

During the day we create about a quart of saliva.  So we don’t look stupid with drool falling out of our mouths onto our shirts, we automatically swallow it.  This happens about every 2 minutes.  For those swallow muscles to work, we close our teeth together for about 1/10 of a second.  If we have more muscle tension, those teeth stay together longer.  Now its called clenching.  But again, it is not something we plan to do, we just do it.

Clenching happens during the day because:

  1. Our teeth don’t fit together very well.  They may be straight, even after braces, but they may not mesh well biting together.
  2. When your braces are done, get a free precision fit check of your bite no matter who your orthodontist was.
  3. We all have extra stress in our lives. (this fact is over used, and is not precise excuse)
  4. We are doing repetitive lifting.
  5. Our personality is that of a perfectionist.
  6. Anti-depressant and anti-cholesterol prescriptions cause muscle tension.
  7. Airflow through our nose is blocked or reduced.
  8. We have poor posture, especially those who work over computers or text a lot.

Eventually, this excess muscle tension has an effect on the things they are attached to.  One example is, the temporal mandibular joint and its disc.  Over time, noises start, clicking develops.

A clicking jaw is a sign that something is wrong.

This clicking is referred to as “TMJ” problem.  What is TMJ?  Within a medical diagnosis, there are 28 different diseases that contain the symptom of what is called temporal mandibular dysfunction. How can you find out if you are affected?

The Four Minute Painless Free Test

Joint Vibration Analysis

This test identifies the current severity of jaw joint problem.  We don’t know if it will get worse, nor at what speed.  Every day of clenching and grinding will accelerate the problem.  An automobile accident as slow as 5 mph in a parking lot can start TMJ problems.  Our JVA device can prove that before the accident you were healthy and that after you joint is damaged. Court judgments have awarded up to $50,000 from this proof of damage, if there is a symptom free baseline record for comparison proof.  We screen all our teen and adult patients.

We usually spend about 20-30 minutes each day eating to satisfy our hunger urge.  Chewing is a complex process which uses 57% of our cranial nerves.  This just adds more work to our already over stressed nerves. The amount of stress in our nervous system is part of the “fight or flight” system.  It’s over stimulation contributes too many chronic diseases like fibromyalgia, IBS, chronic fatigue, regional pain syndrome, and immune system suppression.  As part of the TMJ exam, the nervou system is evaluated.


Two Ways a Medical Healing Laser Calms the Nerves.

Laser Demo

First: A pain reduction wave length is used to reduce 50% of the pain in one treatment.  With intervals of every 2 to 4 days, pain can be almost totally removed in two weeks

Second:  An anti-inflammation wave length is used to reduce swelling in the cell promoting the start of the healing process.

Our Healing Laser can help most nerves return to almost 100% of normal.

For long term healing and repair, some type of plastic mouth piece will be needed.  There are dozens of kinds.  Some will help, some will do nothing, and some can truly make you feel worse.  What is the best type of mouth guard?

(Free comparison on what is the best mouth guard type)

Before you get a bite guard, take our free test to help you choose the right design or check to see if the one you have is really relaxing your muscles.  One general rule is that if you can push it out with your tongue, it is not effective.  This is especially true if it is sitting on the pillow next to you when you wake up.  (This also applies to athletic mouth guards)

Any plastic is not working if it is not relaxing your muscles.  We will check any current plastic you have to see if it is increasing or reducing your muscle tension.

Free mm relaxation check

       to see if your mouth guard is working

–  No matter where you had it made.

Drug store types excluded.

….no matter how many doctors you have seen before, we can help your physician’s prescribed medication work better, reduce the amount, or get off of it if that is best for you.

The Ultimate TMJ-Migraine-Chronic Head Pain Exam

Apply for an appointment

We show you objectively the many factors contributing to your symptoms.

9 computer measurements:

  1. Joint Vibration Analysis
  2. Range of Motion
  3. Muscle tension
  4. Jaw Motion
  5. Bite balance, force, timing
  6. Airflow through the nose
  7. Airflow through mouth to the lungs
  8. Body posture and balance
  9. Pain severity, source, and longevity

Get answers that the physicians, chiropractors, and other alternative health providers are not giving you without buying an endless supply of health supplements or prescription medications.

Evaluation includes:

  1. Neuromuscular Reflex Testing
  2. Muscle tenderness rating
  3. Cranial Nerve evaluation
  4. Soft tissue and bone evaluation from a 3-D x-Ray

Comprehensive TMJ Exam Forms for a Diagnosis

Not sure if you are ready for a real diagnosis and treatment plan?  How about a screening of your jaw joint followed by a consultation?  It takes 15-20 minutes.  Get our screening forms filled out and reserve a time.

Take This Test and Bring It In For a TMJ Screening Exam






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Lifetime Dental Care is merging into All Family Dental

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